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My cute puppy

I say that I am not a dog lover. Because since I was a child I hate dog and I also scared during the dog’s bark. But one day my hubby gave me a surprise gift and the gift is a very cute puppy. First, I don’t like to carry dog but my hubby gave support and loved. Actually this is the first time to have a puppy, because we don’t have a baby I treat that my cute puppy is our baby. Until the time that my cut puppy was suffered the scabies, hubby and we gave any treatment but the scabies is still there. Until the time that my cute puppy was die even thought it is askal dog or Philippine dog but i really love him and i treat him like my son. I don’t know what to do that time because hubby and I were very busy to our work. I thought that I if they have EntirelyPets Pharmacy Entire Pets Pharmacy to avoid the scabies of my puppy dog because our town is far from the City. We don’t think to check up any dog clinic and I also believe the any kind of treatment medicine to take my cute puppy.

Suitsu Dog

Hubby and decided to buy Suitsu dog. As the owner of our past away dog we all know the responsibility on how to carry because I have already Askal Dog who passed away 4 years ago because of the dog decease.  Askal is a Philippines dog which is the proper name of Aspin. Just because it is Askal I know that this is not sensitive and mostly here in the Philippines other Askals is no need to use any anti bark collars or any accessories.

For now we actually decided again to buy the other types of Dog and which is the Suitsu Dog. I know that this dog is a cute little pet, and have a big different to the Askal dog, specially the food. Actually I am not excited to have a new dog again even my nephew likes to have a Suitsu Dog, but first I need to buy the click for anti bark collars for dogs click for anti bark collars for dogs for the safety. My plan to buy Suitsu Dog is this coming last week of February.


Spider in a Wall

Based on my research spider is a kind of insects that belong to different animal groups.  Spiders are arachnids – technically Class Arachnida, which includes ticks, mites, scorpions and harvestmen (daddy-long-legs). The most obvious way to distinguish insects from spiders is to count their legs. Insects have six legs, while arachnids have eight. Spiders have a hard outer body called an exoskeleton. They have two main body parts, the cephalothorax and the abdomen, plus eight jointed legs. Most spiders have eight eyes. Spiders have jaws (chelicerae) with fangs. Near their mouth, they have a set of leg-like appendages called pedipalps, which are used for handling prey. Spiders feed on liquids and cannot take in solid food. They mix digestive fluid with the prey’s tissue and suck up the partially digested nutrients. While some spiders tear apart their prey, others leave the corpse almost intact, appearing to feed more like a suave vampire than a dismembering werewolf.

Anyway, I found the spider in our wall.  It climbs on the ceiling and right away I was took a photo.

 photo spiderinawall_zps76e6956e.jpg