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Birthday celebration in SM McDonald’s

Last May 22 my hubby, Vince and I were attended the 7th Birthday party of our cousin in SM Lucena McDonald’s.  I’m glad because at the age of 2 and 9 months old Vince was always joined all the games, that’s why he doesn’t know the games but he followed the instructions.  Attending birthday party in McDonald’s has a lot of trivia games and we really enjoyed because I am the one who already participated the games :-). Anyway, they are fun for the whole family. Because birthday is the most joyous day in any kid’s life and kids want their birthdays to be full of fun & excitement. A children’s birthday party at McDonald’s is a magical experience they’ll always remember.

 photo mcdo_zpsc123aeb5.jpg

Because my father’s birthday!

Today is the birthday of my father; I need to weak up early in the morning to prepare some food for him. I also woke up at 6.00 in the morning and then I prepared the ingredients of my favorite maja blanca, and buco salad. I cooked these two foods because for me it’s really easy to do it and this is my specialty during any kind of celebration coming.  By the way I am belonging to the big family; that’s why my sister makes spaghetti and pancit lucban for additional foods. And some of my sister gives other food for the birthday of my father. Anyway my father is 59 years old today, and thank you lord because you give him a long life and hopefully you give him a long long long life and always have a good health.

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Kung Hei Fat Choi to everyone. It is a Chinese New Year celebrating for the month of Feb. which starts of Feb. 10 and the celebration lasts for 15 days thereafter. Today is the Year of the Water Snake which, according to knowledgeable sources, will be a wise and enigmatic period. We know of the phrase “inscrutable Chinese,” but as to how mysterious 2013 will be, we don’t know. The snake has a coiled body, which perhaps symbolizes its many facets, some of which could be, yes, enigmatic.

By the way my sister and I went to SM after her office work. We have taken a photo in SM in the front of this Kung hei fat choi display area. The display is pleasant and good-looking. This is the reason why many people taken a picture in this display. There are some of zodiac sign display and have meaning about the relationship, health and wealth. I also capture the year of the horse only because I am the year of the horse hehe.  Here are the photos taken.
 photo kongheifatshui_zps24e7c3a3.jpg