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Puto Bao

Puto Bao


            The photo in above in called puto bao.  Puto bao is a native delicacy of the province of Agdangan, Quezon.  I was surprised the good taste of this product, it is very delicious and affordable. I thought one day I tried to sell this product, I was pleased because it’s almost 30 people who ordered this kind of products. Anyhow the products was made in malagkit or rice flour, shredded coconut, purple food coloring, brown sugar, salt, water cooking oil and banana leaves. Because I have a friend in Agdangan, Quezon I sell puto bao regularly. Thank you my hubby because he bringing puto bao for me. And that is the start for the regularly selling the product.

               In one box they have 20 pcs yummy puto bao. And if you want to experiences the good taste of this product kindly order me dial 09202091404 for your orders. Thank you guys  🙂  !